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This tool can be used to convert pictures into unicode symbols from either braille patterns or blocks. You can use any image, but the preferred ones are those with purely black and white pixels and size lower than 200 pixels in width and height. Select the picture with "Choose file" button and click on "Image to Dots". If you're satisfied with what you've got you can copy it from the form and share with others. If you see missing symbols, dowload a font that supports Braille Pattern block, like Symbola. To the left of the "Choose file" button you can select the type of output that you can get. With Full or Half blocks options, along with black and white colors you can also use gray color. If you found a Unicode art somewhere and want to convert it into an image, first choose the correct format from the drop down (Dots or Blocks), open Dots editor, scroll down to the output form and paste the art, above the form click Import to load it into the canvas, and click on "Dots to Image" button at the top of the page. Some of the other things you can find on this page is the Contrast slider, Width and Height boxes, and form where you can convert a unicode art to another type. If you have a picture that is too big you can set the width and/or height and also set the appropriate Contrast. Here's an example of Braille art:
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